Tibetan Mastiff a powerful, heavy, but athletic dog breed like a Great Dane, but he is built to combine strength and agility. The body of the dog is slightly longer than they are tall. Their walk is slow and deliberate, while its trot is powerful and light-footed.

Originally this dog is used as guard dogs for livestock and property, Tibetan Mastiffs can still be found performing that role, but they also enjoy life as a family companion and show dog like Mastiff.

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  • Life expectancy: 11 – 14 years
  • Origin: Tibet(China) / Nepal
  • Temperament: Intelligent, Independent, Reserved
  • Height: Male: 25–26 Inches, Female: 20–24 Inches
  • Weight: Male: 90–150  pounds, Female: 70–120 pounds
  • Colors: Black, Black & Tan, Brown, Brown & Tan, Red Gold, Blue gray
  • Group: working Group


Other names
Mastiff, sheep
Coat:  Fine, coat
Litter size average 3 to 4 pups maybe larger
Life span 11-14 years


Tibetan Mastiff with his noble appearance, long coat, appealing colors, and beautiful tail, he is sure to be a conversation starter and traffic stopper as you walk him down the street. But if that’s all you’re looking for in a dog, this is not the breed for you.

Moreover he’s a hard worker, protective of his family, fearless, and loyal dog like Neapolitan Mastiff. His large size and substance makes him a wonderful guard dog, and centuries of breeding for that specific task have perfected him as a protector.


  • As befitting their long past as a solitary sentry, Tibetan Mastiffs are oftentimes independent and strong willed.
  • The dog can be aloof toward strangers but devoted to their family.
  • Proper socialization is essential so that they will accept strangers and not become overly suspicious.
  • They are gentle and patient with their children, but may assertive with those outside of the family.
  • These dog are generally good with other dogs. Most Tibetan Mastiffs are good with other animals.
  • They carry a heavy undercoat in cold weather but little undercoat in warm weather.
  • This dog combination of coat types allowed him to endure the extremes of Tibetan weather.
  • He’s tends to be calm indoors and also moderately active outside.


  • Life expectation is 11 to 14 years.
  • Major concerns: CHD, elbow dysplasia
  • Minor concerns: hypothyroidism
  • Occasionally seen: entropion, seizures, canine inherited demyelinative neuropathy
  • Suggested tests: hip, thyroid, eye, (elbow)


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