Griffon Bruxellois is a breed of toy dog, named for their city of origin: Brussels, Belgium. They may refer to three different breeds, the Griffon Bruxellois, the Griffon Belge and the Petit Brabançon. Similar in standard except for coat and colour differences, in some standards they are considered varieties of the same breed, much like Belgian Shepherd Dogs.


  • Life expectancy:  12 – 15 years
  • Origin: Belgium
  • Temperament:  Loyal, Alert, Curious
  • Height:  Male: 7–10 Inches, Female: 6–9 Inches
  • Weight:  Male: 8–10  pounds, Female: 7–10 pounds
  • Colors: any color
  • Group:  Toy Group


Other names
 Brussels Griffon, Belgium Griffon, petit Brabance, Griffon Beagle,  Griffon, Griff Bruss
Coat:  Soft, short glossy coat
Litter size average 3 to 4 pups maybe larger
Life span12-15 years


Griffs are alert, sociable, and easily trained. Although playful and energetic dog their small size and also sensitive nature make them a poor choice as roughhousing playmates for kids. Normally they have a low threshold for loneliness and will stick close to their special human, providing years of love and also laughter.

Initially bred to hunt and kill rats, this former Belgian street dog is a distinctive and unusual dog breed. Although he’s small, he’s hardly a pampered pooch.Cute, affectionate and lively, his Brilliant, sense of humor, and air of self-importance keep him one step ahead of his people. Moreover they adore him anyway.


  • The spunky Brussels Griffon dog is full of himself, brimming with self-confidence and also gusto.
  • This dog is bold, playful, stubborn, and also mischievous.
  • Griffons can be stubborn and also difficult to house train dog.
  • They are usually good pet with other dogs and pets.
  • They tend to bark and climb, and some can be escape artists.
  • This dog make saucy companions for a family wanting an entertaining, sensitive pet.
  • However, sensitivity and size make them a poor choice for family dog with young children.
  • They can be difficult to house train and may suffer from separation anxiety.


  • Life expectation is 12 to 15 years.
  • Major concerns: none
  • Minor concerns: none
  • Occasionally seen: weak bladder, patellar luxation, distichiasis, cataracts, PRA, CHD, Legg-Perthes
  • Suggested tests: eye, (hip), knee
  • Note: Caesarean sections are often required.

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