Tibetan Mastiff,Tibetan,Mastiff

Tibetan mastiff was primitive dog breed was developed centuries ago in tibet originally used as guard dogs for livestock and property.Tibetan Mastiffs can still be found performing that role, but they also enjoy life as a family companion and dog show.

With his noble appearence , long coat , appealing colors and beautiful tail, The Tibetan Mastiff is sure to be a conversation starter and traffic stopper as you walk him down the street. But if that is all you are looking for in a dog, this is not the breed for you.The word challenging is frequently applied to this independent, stubborn breed.

He is intelligent and has a strong sense of self, expecting to be treated as an equal, not as a pet. MASTIFF ! EXTREMELY LARGE & MOST ANCIENT DOG BREED

Tibetan Mastiff wants to please his people , but he also has his own agends and must often be reminded of what he is been asked to do.

The Tibetan Mastiff is a loyal family guardian who takes his job seriously and is aloof or reserved toward strangers.

Male Tibetan Mastiff stands atleast 26 inches tall at the shoulder and weight in the vicinity of 100 to 160 or more pounds female are at least 24 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh 75 to 125 or more pounds.