Can Dogs get Corona positive

How can we protect our dogs from COVID-19?

Healthy dogs/pets owners in the America should follow basic hygienic precautions such as washing their hands with soap and water before and after contact with your pets, including dogs and cats. If you test positive for COVID-19 or believe you have been exposed to the virus, the CDC has provided guidelines for pet care: When possible, have another member of your household care for your dog while you are sick Avoid contact with your pets, including petting, snuggling, being kissed or licked and sharing food or bedding.

If you must care for your pets dogs and cats or be around animals while you are sick, wear a cloth face covering and wash your hands before and after you interact with them. To help reduce the spread of all coronavirus germs, you may also consider wiping your pet’s fur and feet when they come in and out of the house with grooming wipes.

Dogs do not need a face mask to protect against COVID-19.And the most important protection of all for your dog is this: Under no circumstances should owners abandon their dogs, cats, or other animals because of COVID-19 fears.

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