Beauceron is a Herding Dog breed and powerful, but also remarkably smart, spirited, and a versatile herder—imagine a Border Collie’s brain in a 100-pound body. These dogs are especially beloved by women as a dashing dog but sensitive companion and protector pet.


  • Life expectancy:  10 – 12 years
  • Origin: France
  • Temperament:  Faithful, Obedient, Gentle
  • Height:  Male: 25–28 Inches, Female: 24–27 Inches
  • Weight:  Male: 70–110  pounds, Female: 60–110 pounds
  • Colors: Black with tan markings, or black and mottled grey with tan markings
  • Group:  Herding Group


Other names
 French Shorthaired Shepherd, Beauce Sheep dog, Beauce Shepherd, Berger de Beauce

Bas Rouge

Coat:  Harsh outer coat with woolly, fluffy undercoat
Litter size average 6 to 7 pups maybe larger
Life span 10-12 years


The beauceron is an intelligent breed of dog and a quick learner dog. He enjoy challenging activities and need a regular outlet for their energy. These dog are not for novice owners, who might end up being owned by their dominant dog instead of the other way around. That said, well-trained and socialized Beaucerons are levelheaded watchdogs and guardians, especially good with the young, the small, and the defenseless.


  • Friendly toward Strangers.
  • Beauceron this dog is intelligent and adept at any task involving learning, memory, and reasoning.
  • This Dog is courageous and calm, and make reliable guardians.
  • This dog is an extremely loyal breed that is eager to please; however, if not properly trained, the Beauceron dog can run the family.
  • Beaucerons pet are patient with children, but can be overwhelming to them or try to herd them.
  • This pet may be wary of strangers and do not take to strange dogs.
  • They can get along with other family pets.
  • Don’t adopt a Beauceron unless you commit to taking time to train and provide regular exercise.


  • Life expectation is 10 to 12 years.
  • Major concerns: CHD
  • Minor concerns: gastric torsion
  • Occasionally seen: cardiomyopathy
  • Suggested tests: hip, eye, cardiac



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