Airedale Terriers Known as the “King of Terriers,” most intelligent, independent strong minded and confident Dog. With other dogs, most Airedale Terriers are daring and aggressive, and with their strong hunting instincts they must be exposed early to cats, else they may not be safe with cats.

Airedale breed can be used as a working dog and also as a hunting dog. These pet are also very loyal to their owners. If children and Airedales are both trained correctly, then Airedales breed can be an excellent choice for a family dog.

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  • Life expectancy: 11 – 14 years
  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Temperament: Friendly, Clever, Courageous
  • Height: Male: 21–23 Inches, Female: 19–21 Inches
  • Weight: Male: 50–70  pounds, Female: 45–70 pounds
  • Colors: White
  • Group: Terrier Group


Other names
Waterside Terrier, Bingley Terrier

Airedale King of Terriers

Coat: Harsh , rough, broken coat
Litter size average 3 to 4 pups maybe larger
Life span 11-14 years


Airedale is normally a real character who will make you laugh. This dog also loves to dig a good hole, collect his own stuff, and go counter surfing. Extremely active and loving with family, he’s not always well behaved around other dogs or animals and has a strong prey drive.

An able sporting dog, he became an ideal working dog as well, proving his worth during World War Airedale Terriers the “King of Terriers,” Intelligent, independent, strong minded, stoic, outgoing, and confident, the Airedale possesses a wonderful playful streak that delights his owners. These dog can do well with cats and other small animals, especially when they are raised with them.


  • Hardworking and also independent Dog breed
  • Airedale is prone to dig, chase, and bark, behaviors that come naturally to terrier breeds.
  • An energetic breed and he needs plenty of activity.
  • This dog is also a reliable watchdog, and thrives on protecting his family
  • He is likely to become bored and think of something naughty to do
  • Training is essential, but also it must be interesting and fresh. Drill-like training is a bore to the Airedale.
  • Start training Airedale puppy the day you bring him home
  • Fine-boned, elegant, easy to carry, doesn’t take up much space


  • Life expectation is 11 to 14 years.
  • Airedales need a weekly brushing and professional grooming every two months or so to look their best
  • Airedale Terrier is not known for extreme shedding, but he does also shed certain times of the year.
  • Hip dysplasia is also common in this breed.
  • Dermatitis issue is also common …
  • Gastric torsion or bloat …
  • Cataracts and eye problems is also.
  • Cerebellar ataxia. …
  • Autoimmune haemolytic anaemia is also common in Dogs…
  • Heart disease.

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